New AMD team member may mean expansion beyond PCs

AMD has experienced its share of problems in the past year. The company has been making processors that have been created almost exclusively for the PC market in general, and for Windows PCs in particular. However, AMD has been feeling the detrimental effects of the overall decline of PCs sales combined with its longtime rival Intel gaining more of that smaller PC market share.

Now it looks like AMD may finally be ready to branch out into making chips for mobile devices. Reuters reports that the company has hired Charles Matar to be its new vice president of system-on-a-chip development.  More importantly, he used to work at Qualcomm. While AMD has admitted that it hired Matar to help the company expand into new markets, it did not say specifically that Matar was hired to help develop a new smartphone or tablet chip.

It does seem likely that AMD is going to have to launch some kind of mobile processor in order to keep up with the rest of the microprocessor industry. NVIDIA has had great success with its Tegra line and even Intel has been slowly but surely making inroads in the smartphone processor market. The big question: Will AMD have enough time to ramp up for a launch of a mobile chip business before their current financial situation gets worse?

Source: Reuters | Image via AMD

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