New Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 screenshots

A new group of Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 screenshots have been revealed by, a month after Neowin originally posted the first screenshots. Since our previous post, the Windows Live team improved on the Windows 7 taskbar integration, adding in quick status markers for available, away, busy and appear offline.

Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 will come with tabbed conversations, much the same way Internet Explorer 8 works. One other noticeable change is the 'x' close button at the bottom of users' chat windows, possibly allowing people to hide the advertisement.

Other changes are in the "Select an Emoticon" menu, with a rearrangement of icons with Winks now included. The 'Sharing Photos' feature has been updated to allow the user to share their on-line photo albums and search for photos on the Web, with their contact, using Bing Images.

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Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 will also display Twitter, Facebook and blog posts directly in your contact list.

Reminder: These are likely to be shots from early builds so may not reflect the final UI.

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