Nokia CEO talks more about Windows Phone 7 launch

Nokia is still keeping things close to the vest in terms of its plans to launch its first smartphones with Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 operating system running inside. Today, however, Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop gave some more info about what the company is doing to prepare for the launch of the products that could be a "make it or break it" situation for the financially troubled Nokia. According to a ZDNet report, Elop revealed this info during a speech in China.

Nokia's working relationship with Microsoft on Windows Phone 7 is different than other smartphone makers, such as HTC and Samsung, that also make phones with Microsoft's operating system. Elop said that Microsoft has given Nokia access to all of Windows Phone 7's source code which is something that the other smartphone makers don't have. That should allow Nokia, in theory, to offer phones that will have unique features that won't be available on other Windows Phone 7 based devices. Elop also said that there is a new focus at Nokia to enable a "more aggressive decision making" policy that should allow for more innovation to be fostered at the company.

Other smartphone makers have also started to launch tablet products. Elop said that the company is "aware of the need" for such devices but stopped short of saying that the company would release some kind of tablet product.

Elop also dismissed rumors that Microsoft would eventually purchase Nokia, much like how Google is proposing to purchase one of its Android smartphone makers, Motorola Mobility. He states, "It creates a great deal of uncertainty for the Android ecosystem. I’m sure it is of great concern for many of the Android participants."

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