Nokia Lumia's Camera Extras and Play To apps released

On Wednesday, during Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 developer summit, Nokia reps took the stage and showed off a number of new and updated Windows Phone apps made exclusively for the Lumia family of smartphones. Today, WPCentral reports that two of those new apps, Camera Extras and Play To, are now available to download for free from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

The Camera Extras app adds quite a few new features and effects that can be used by the on-board camera on the Lumia devices. Those new features includes a self timer that lets Lumia phones take a picture up to 10 seconds after it is set in motion. It also adds a new panorama mode that lets users create panoramic pictures via pasting several images together.

There's also the new Action Shot feature which takes several photos in rapid succession. Finally, there's the Smart Group Shot mode, shown above. This will take several photos of a group of people and then select the best facial shots from each person and then edit them into one image.

The new Play To app lets users share photos, videos and music wirelessly with other DLNA-compatible devices. Nokia has the data monitoring app Nokia Counter in the works, along with updates to the Nokia Drive, Nokia Transport and Nokia Maps apps.

Source: | Image via Nokia

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