Nokia paying developers to make Windows Phone 7 apps

Nokia is going all out to make sure that its upcoming Windows Phone 7 smartphones are well supported by applications. CNN reports via unnamed sources that Nokia is taking several steps to make this happen including putting up advanced funding for developers to make apps for its smartphones. Nokia also reportedly plans to pre-install some of these apps on its Windows Phone 7 devices and will heavily promote those app creations. While Microsoft would not comment, a Nokia spokesperson did admit that it offers some programming help and marketing to app developers, but added, "We do not disclose these arrangements, as each is different."

The article also states that the first Nokia-made Windows Phone 7 device, code named Sea Ray, is currently being field tested by Nokia executives. No mention was made of the phone's hardware features. Nokia has said repeatedly that it plans to ship its first WP7-based product before the end of 2011.

The article also discusses how Microsoft has offered developers money in the past to make apps for the Windows Phone 7 operating system. While some development teams accepted the offer, others have declined Microsoft's deal, saying that they didn't want to waste time working on projects that would ultimately prove not to be a sales success. Nokia's new app funding offer has also run into similar roadblocks from developers. One such app creator who made a deal with Microsoft to make a WP7 app was disappointed with the end result, saying, "It was kind of a horrible experience. The whole thing was just a complete mess. I had to get on the phone with Microsoft just to get my app published."

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