Nokia Windows 8 tablet rumor surfaces again, landing in Q4?

...and phones and tablets?

The rumor of a Nokia based Windows 8 tablet is one that seems to pop up every few weeks. This time around Digitimes (via Forbes) is stating that Nokia will build a Windows 8 tablet and it will ship it as early as Q4 of this year.

The report claims that the device will be 10 inches in size and use a Qualcomm dual core ARM based processor. The device will be produced by Compal Electronics with the first order consisting of 200K units

The report is decrepitly specific for Digitimes who has a track record that is ‘average’ at best at predicting upcoming products. But, considering we have heard of a Nokia Windows 8 tablet for some time, the rumor does have a bit of weight behind it.

Nokia has thrown the majority of its weight behind Windows Phone so a tablet running Windows 8 seems logical. How Nokia will differentiate its tablet from all of the others on the market remains to be seen but considering they have had no trouble doing that with the Lumia series of devices, consider us anxious to see what they will produce. 

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