Nokia: Windows Phones with PureView technology coming

Nokia impressed a lot of people at last week’s Mobile World Congress when it launched its new 808 PureView handset, packing a whopping 41MP camera; indeed, that handset went on to scoop the week’s biggest accolade, winning the award for ‘Best New Mobile Handset, Device Or Tablet’.

The big disappointment for some was that the 808 runs the Nokia Belle operating system (formerly Symbian Belle), rather than the Windows Phone OS found in the company’s Lumia device family. It seems that the decision was made to release the device with Belle, as that was the platform on which the handset’s impressive PureView technology was developed over the course of five long years.

But the company has confirmed that PureView will soon make its way to its Windows Phones. Speaking with Finnish journal Aamulehti (via WPCentral), Nokia senior vice president Jo Harlow responded to enquiries about whether or not Lumia handsets will feature PureView technology by saying: “I can’t say precisely when, but it will not take very long.”

Let’s hope that Nokia figures out a way to make its PureView Windows Phones a bit less chunky than the 808 PureView, which is almost 18mm thick at the camera.

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