Overclock That GeForce: Gigabyte GTX 780 Ti OC & GTX 780 GHz Review

The graphics card market has experienced some amazing turns lately even though AMD and Nvidia haven't made serious architectural changes in 2013. Most recent GPUs have been rebadges, while a handful are just extensions of previous-gen technology, including the flagships from both camps. The R9 290X's Hawaii XT core boosted the performance of the HD 7970's Tahiti XT core around 38% with a memory bus that's 33% wider, while the GTX Titan is powered by a version of the GTX 680's GPU, except it's 90% bigger!

Having traded performance blows, both companies are tightening their pricing with the $400 R9 290 forcing the GTX 780 down to $500 from $650, further invalidating the GTX Titan, which is effectively history after the announcement of the GTX 780 Ti that we'll be testing today.

Gigabyte has armed its GTX 780 Ti with a massive air cooler that can handle 450W of heat, allowing the company to ship its variant of Nvidia's newcomer with a 17% overclock. The company has also been working on other overclocked GTX 780s, including a "GHz Edition" (not official Nvidia nomenclature) that features the same 450W cooler, allowing a core clock of 1.02GHz or 18% higher than the standard version of the card.

Read: Gigabyte GTX 780 Ti OC & Gigabyte GTX 780 GHz Edition Review

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