Razer CEO: Sales of Razer Edge tablets have been "way better than we expected"

On Thursday, Neowin reported that the Razer website was still not taking orders for the Razer Edge Pro tablet, five months after it halted pre-orders of the Windows 8 device. We also reported that the cheaper Razer Edge tablet was also unavilable to purchase.

Today, we managed to chat for a few minutes with Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan, who told us that the simple reason for the lack of sales was that they are out of stock. He added, "Demand has just been insane and we're also prepping up for retail availability. Every time we put some stock up on sale it sells out." He said that they are now "fulfilling orders on a shipment by shipment basis."

Tan would not state just how many of the Razer Edge tablets the company has sold, saying only that sales have been "way better than we expected". He also told us that "pretty much" all of the people who pre-ordered the Razer Edge Pro version way back in March have now had their tablets shipped to them. He also told us that there are no current plans to make any hardware upgrades to the tablets, saying, " ... - the performance is already way beyond all tablets and we're focused on meeting the demand for now."

Image via Razer

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