See this "drone's-eye-view" of the new Apple campus

When Apple first announced the plans for their new campus, the first response everyone had was, "Theyre building a mothership!" The project has been underway for awhile now, and its not going as smoothly as hoped: Its currently at least a year behind and two billion (with a B) dollars over budget.

So what does this giagantic five billion dollar campus look like? Twitter user jmcminn went to find out for us. After attaching a GoPro camera to his DJI Phantom 2 drone, he flew it over the construction site to get a birds-eye view of the progress. The video does a great job showing just how massive Apples campus is going to be. In addition, the video really does make the entire campus look like its going to be a giant spaceship, right down to the metalic-looking outer ring.

The new site isnt expected to be complete until 2016, but were hoping that we get to see updated videos of the progress from time to time. Say what you want about Apples business practices, but the company is definitely going all out creating a pretty cool and unique working space for their employees.

Source: YouTube

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