Steve Ballmer: 'Rapid Release' is the new norm

On the BUILD stage in San Francisco, Steve Ballmer stated that rapid release is the new norm for Microsoft and that consumers should expect the rapid updates to Windows and other platforms to continue into the future. Ballmer was not shy about it either by repeating 'rapid' several times and iterating that Microsoft is moving faster than ever to push out updates and new products. 

It has been expected that Microsoft was moving to a rapid release cycle and Ballmer confirmed on stage today that we should expect Windows to be updated a rapid release cycle as well. This is a dramatic shift in how Microsoft used to operate where it would release a massive update every few years. By moving to a rapid release schedule, Microsoft will be able to adapt the Windows platform as the market evolves.

Knowing this, it would seem that Windows 8.2 should be on the horizon for a release next year if Microsoft keeps with its current development cadence. Of course, this is all subject to change as this shift for Microsoft will surely have a few teething issues. Although, those issues could be ironed out with the rumored reorganization for the next fiscal year at Microsoft which starts July 1st.

Source: BUILD Keynote

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