The next iPhone will cost more than previously expected, likely to be initially rare

There have been numerous reports over the past few months about the upcoming iPhone and how it will arrive in three different versions.

It was reported as early as February that the most different of the three, the one being labeled the iPhone 8, will cost over $1,000, and today, it looks like that price point is again being reinforced by J.P. Morgan, stating that the average selling price will be somewhere around $1,100.

Along with price, there is also news that the handset will be available in extremely limited supply when it is first launched. While this is not entirely new information, the firm did adjust its projected numbers from an estimated 9 million units down to a paltry 2 million. This means that for the first couple months the handset will be very hard to come by.

As a bit of good news, J.P. Morgan did state that while there have been numerous reports about delays when it comes to manufacturing, this shouldn't affect the release date that is rumored to be sometime in September. We are still quite a ways from the date, so it will be interesting to see how this all pans out.

Source: 9to5Mac | Image via Benjamin Geskin

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