This Apple CarPlay bug is plaguing all iPhone users, glitching their car infotainment system

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Apple CarPlay is a modern infotainment system for more than 800 models of cars. It is part of the Apple ecosystem, making it easy for Apple users to connect their iPhones and mirror their favorite apps to the car's infotainment display. It supports beaming navigation information, streaming music, video, and serving notifications among other features.

While testing a Lucid Air, Edmunds noticed significant lag and stutter when using Apple CarPlay connected to an iPhone. The responsiveness and user experience were hampered. The reporter posted a video of this experience on Twitter as seen below.

Marques Brownlee, also known as MKBHD also experienced the same issue. He says it might never get fixed, therefore it's better to know how to avoid facing such problems when using the service.

To avoid this problem, iPhone users should refrain from using the phone's camera while it is connected to Apple CarPlay. This solution was found by Edmunds while they debated about the issue, you can see a demo here.

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