Turn your favourite sites into a game with Google's Chrome World Wide Maze

Whatever your favourite website may be - *cough* Neowin *cough* - let's face it, it's always been missing one thing: the ability to turn it into a giant maze that you can roll a ball around for points. 

Google understands that this gap in your digital life has existed for far too long, and with the latest in its series of Chrome Experiments, it's just launched the Chrome World Wide Maze, allowing you to choose a website to turn into an interactive maze that you can navigate using your computer keyboard, or even your smartphone. 

Choose a website and it will be converted into a vast labyrinth across which you'll be tasked with rolling a ball towards the goal, while collecting various gems along the way. There are also lifts to take you up and down to other levels, and in addition to simply rolling the ball around, you can also command it to jump over barriers, while making sure that you don't jump over the edge and perish in an endless tumble into oblivion - although you will get three lives to play with.

You'll need Android 4.0 or iOS 5.0 or higher to connect your smartphone for navigation, but if your handset doesn't quite meet those requirements, you can use the arrow keys and space bar on your computer's keyboard to move your ball around. Happy rolling! 

Source: Google Chrome World Wide Maze

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