Tweet anywhere in the world with "Please, don't stalk me!"

Ever felt the need to Tweet from anywhere in the world, or just annoy, trick or a throw off a stalker?

Now it's possible, using a service called "Please, don't stalk me!" After authorising the app via Twitter, you will be able to post a Tweet from anywhere in the world, below is an example using my own account.

First locate a place in the world you want to Tweet from:

Let the shenanigans begin!

And the resulting magic:

The possibilities are endless, and one has to wonder how long this will even remain possible, as it could be used to fool a significant other, or employer about where you actually are; but even so we think this is a cool app.

The tool does add an extra layer of privacy that might warrant such a use, but it can also cause a fair bit of problems or confusion as evidenced by my being contacted while writing up this story, asking if I really was in Redmond! (I'm actually in The Netherlands right now).

But in any case, have fun playing with it.

Source: The Next Web

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