Unboxing the Chuwi LapBook Air

Although you won't find them at your local Best Buy or Walmart, Chuwi has been releasing a variety of Windows-based products for quite some time. While its previous devices were affordable, they were a bit underwhelming and lacking when it came to quality. In order to make improvements, this year, the firm has taken a different approach to its computing product line by taking inspiration from the likes of Apple and Microsoft. Today, we have one of these laptops in our possession and have unboxed it for your viewing pleasure.

Chuwi was kind enough to send out its LapBook Air, which as you can probably guess from the image and name, borrows some details from Apple's MacBook Air. Although Chuwi's laptops previously featured metal builds, this new model is quite different and has a more premium and solid feel to it. Now that we have a model of the LapBook Air in-house, we will be putting it through its paces over the next week to see how it fares. If you have any questions about the laptop, be sure to leave a comment below or reach out on Twitter.

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