Viacom, Joost strike Content Licensing Deal

It seems Joost has won the first battle with potential rival YouTube. Viacom, which includes entertainment companies MTV Networks' Comedy Central, Black Entertainment Television and Paramount Pictures, has announced a deal to license its programming content to Joost (when it comes out of beta), the online-video start-up created by Friis and Zennström (creators of Skype and Kazaa). Earlier this month, Viacom asked YouTube to take down any of its copyrighted content, which amounted to more than 100,000 video clips. Formerly known as "The Venice Project," Joost is in a private beta testing phase, compatible only with Windows and Intel-based Macintosh computers. Joost uses a peer-to-peer model similar to Kazaa's, but this time around its founders are promoting Joost as a copyright-friendly alternative to video-sharing sites. The deal is currently limited to certain shows and financial terms of the agreement are unknown.

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