Voice-to-text in Windows Phone 7 Mango detailed

Microsoft continues to reveal more about the features it plans to add in the upcoming “Mango” update for its Windows Phone 7 operating system. This week the official Windows Phone 7 blog site gave out more info on the OS’s new voice-to-text feature. Microsoft’s Bill Pardi writes that its particular feature has, “...quickly become a personal favorite.”

The new feature is being created by Microsoft’s Tellme team which also developed voice recognition technology for other Microsoft product such as the Xbox 360, Windows, and more.  The idea for the Windows Phone 7 voice-to-text feature was to “… create something seamless that felt natural for completing everyday tasks such as calling someone in your contacts list or finding a local restaurant.”  For example the software can recognize common Internet abbreviations such as "LOL" and it can even figure out that saying “happy smiley face” translates to the common Internet logo for that phrase. You can also use the feature in other ways such as forwarding calls, setting up a speed-dial list of numbers, searching via Microsoft’s Bing, navigating online maps and more.

Microsoft has already released the Mango update to Windows Phone 7 to smartphone makers and wireless carriers for them to update older Windows Phone 7 devices. The first Mango phone is expected to launch in Japan later this month with the first US WP7 Mango devices expected to be released here in the US later this fall.

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