Windows 8 Launch: We check out Samsung's lineup

So, how fast was our time with Samsung and its upcoming Windows 8 devices on Wednesday at a press event? Very fast. We just had a few minutes in Samsung's press suite in New York City before they moved on to their next appointment (we want to mention that we were a tad late arriving due to going to other press events that day; it's not Samsung's fault).

While Samsung is coming out with some very slick looking notebooks with touch screens for Windows 8, we really want to talk about their all-in-one PCs because they impressed us the most. Not only do they look sleek (Samsung will have 21, 23 and 27 inch versions) but the company has actually put in some of their technology made originally for their Smart TVs for their all-in-one PCs.

Specifically, these models allow for gesture controls for the Windows 8 Start Screen and applications. We were able to simply use our hand to move a cursor on the screen to access an app, and then we were able to manipulate the "Modern" app itself with hand and arm movements.

Yes, this is similar to Microsoft's own Kinect technology but Samsung says this method is something they came up with on their own for their smart TVs and placed into into the all-in-one PCs, rather than needing an add-on device like the Kinect. We got the feeling that the Samsung gesture technology was perhaps not as sophisticated as Microsoft's solution but it's still a welcome addition that few other PC makers are trying out.

Image via Samsung

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