Windows 8 PCs coming by end of 2012 from HP

HP is getting ready for Windows 8 and at the moment its looking like the PC maker will be selling products that will use Microsofts OS before the end of the year. In its regular quarterly financial conference call today with analysts (you can listen to the repeat on HPs web site) company CEO Meg Whitman said that HP "will be well positioned on Windows 8 x86 by the holidays."

She added later that "were rooting for a fantastic Windows 8 product thats out on time for holiday." That would seem to suggest at least a little bit of doubt about the Windows 8 launch date but since Whitman was talking with financial analysts its perhaps in her and HPs best business interest to have a little back door just in case Microsoft decides to change its Windows 8 launch window.

Whitmans words also seem to indicate that HP doesnt anticipate to have any ARM-based Windows 8 products by the end of 2012. Microsoft recently said that it currently plans to launch the ARM version around the same time as the x86 port. However, most people wouldnt be surprised if Microsoft decided to hold off on a Windows 8 ARM launch until after the regular X86 version comes out.

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