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Did you know: All GDI apps render slower under Win7?

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PGHammer    1,655

Are there still components in Windows 8 that have issues?

In Windows 7, there is Microsoft Management Console for example.

Microsoft Management Console dates back to Windows 2000 and was designed to replace all those separate panels with a single snap-in-compatible holder and snap-ins.

While some parts of Windows itself use MMC (Device Manager, and its big brother, Computer Manager, are both available as MMC snap-ins; in fact, Computer Manager is only found as an MMC snap-in), and there are non-Microsoft MMC snap-ins (Diskeeper uses MMC snap-ins, for example, so do several WMI applications and utilities) all too few programmers, developers, and companies - including Microsoft itself, to their shame - have done so; instead, they have avoided MMC as if it carried bubonic plague - or anthrax.

Windows 8 still includes MMC; however, like in previous versions of Windows, it remains horribly underused and underutilized.

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