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[HELP] Dual-Boot Windows and Ubuntu on GPT Disk

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Mohammad_Khalid_Hussain    1

Assalamalaikum (Greetings of Peace) to all the Muslims,

and a Hi! to all others,

I have recently moved to using a GPT disk after I found out my laptop supported UEFI boot. I have formatted the whole laptop hard disk as a GPT disk and have installed Windows 7 on to it. Then I made a partition for Ubuntu, 30 GB in size and another 20 GB partition for the home folder. I Installed Ubuntu onto the 30 GB partition and on a restart GRUB did not show and it went straight to Ubuntu.

I'm new to Ubuntu, let alone Linux, my knowledge is pretty limited in this area and thus I needed the Windows installation to do Uni work so I set active my Windows partition using my Windows 7 disk. I then downloaded EasyBCD to add Ubuntu into the Windows bootloader only to find out it doesn't support GPT paritions.

Does anyone know of a solution for dual-booting Windows 7 and Ubuntu which are both installed on one physical disk in two separate partitions?

Thanks for your time.

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