Beautiful music

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was going to post something... but apparently you need to be a wizard with the forum code....

Well you do not need to be a forum wizard! Simply paste the whole address ( and boom it works!

I fixed your post for you![/url]

I agree 100% bucket head does some awesome stuff!

Like this one:

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I don't usually listen to slow music (which is what I feel this is), though Celldweller does some of the better "Beautiful Music" that I've heard

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By far my favorite guitarist ever. When I first heard him, that is when I laid down my electric for good, after about 8 years on it, and realized this is what I wanted to play, and how I wanted my music to sound. I developed his style, and learned a good portion of his acoustic work. Needless to say, anytime I get out my guitar, it draws people in. This style is so much fun and filling to play, I never enjoyed electric this much.

Also this song, by Andy McKee. I've never been a big Andy McKee fan, his music just doesn't strike me the ways Antoine's does. But this song is by far just flat out amazing, and I'm ashamed I haven't taken the time to learn it. I will one day, definitely. The song picks up at 45 seconds, If it starts to get a little dull, skip near the end, at the 4 minute mark, and wait for your jaw to drop, and hope that his guitar is 18 years of age, :p.

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A few of my favs from my fav electronica compilation "Future Trance":

Part one:

Future Trance 59-World Falls Apart-Dash Berlin

Future trance 58-Move On-ATB feat JanSoon

Future trance 55-Chasing the Wind-Milk inc

Part two:

Future trance 54-Innocent (Scotty Remix)-Groove Coverage

Future trance 52-River Flows in you-Jasper Forks

Future trance 49-Behind (ATB Vs. Callea Re-Edit)-ATB pres Flanders

Future Trance 46-Wrong Medication (Doc Phat Remix Edit)-ATB

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I just happened to be channel surfing last night and stumbled on Yanni, I had completely forgotten about him and his music! Here is one that was played that certainly qualifies as beautiful music:

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