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Seeing this thread, did some digging in game soundtracks I've found relaxing and beautiful...

Song: Menu Theme / Battlefield 2142 OST

Artist: Gregor Narholz

(the whole BF2142 soundtrack is awesome, but only this slower piece qualifies for this thread here)

Song: Glacern Theme(s) / Dungeon Siege OST

Artist: Jeremy Soule

(and, again, I find DS and LoA music epic and awesome, but for this thread, the first piece, short and atmospheric, pure proverbial ice, of the video above probably qualifies the most)

Song: Valadilene (Dream) / Syberia 2 OST

Artist: Inon Zur

(if I have ever actually cried to a piece of music, it's this... other events had filled the cup at the time, but this song made it overflow)

Song: In Uthenera - Leliana's Song (instrumental) / Dragon Age: Origins OST

Artist: Inon Zur

(instrumental version, because reasons)

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Some more, before I forget about this all, as I often do:

Song: David's Theme (Piano Version) / Gray Matter OST

Artist: Robert Holmes


Song: Main Theme / Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy) OST

Artist: Angelo Badalamenti

(dark and depressing, but helps to lessen the silence if you're the sort)

Song: Below The Asteroids / EVE Online OST

Artist: Jon Hallur

(the slower version - I refuse to acknowledge the existance of the other one)

...and now for something completely different...

Song: Jade / The Rock OST

Artist: Hans Zimmer

(because it was in the wrong folder - a mistake corrected now, but not before posting here)

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