Copying recorded TV to my PC


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Hope this is in the right place. Here it goes.

I have an LG - 47LW5700 HDTV. It has the ability to attach an external HDD to record programs and pause/resume live TV. I think the HDD might be on the way out, but I have a lot of recorded TV on the Ext. HDD that I haven't seen yet or don't want to lose.

I can't simply connect the HDD to my PC and copy over the content; the drive isn't recognised in windows. I was wondering if there was any kind of workaround that would give me access to the content stored on the drive so I can save it before my HDD goes kaput.

I'd appreciate any help anyone can offer :)

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It seems from the manual that it's attached by USB so it should be the same as any other Fat32/NTFS formatted drive, therefore you should get at least a drive letter assigned when you connect it.

Can you confirm what message you are getting? If you are getting device not recognised, try plugging the Hard Drive into the USB ports at the back rather than the front panels as if it's not externally powered it might not be getting enough juice.

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Thanks for the reply, imachip.

The TV formats the drive when you first connect it. Perhaps to some other sort of format? Like ext2/ext3 or something? If I go into Computer Management > Disk Management, it has the drive listed but it has no volume name and no drive letter assigned to it. That is why I think it is an ext format.

The HDD is externally powered and the USB ports I am using are all functioning properly.

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Maybe install Ubuntu to a VM (or smaller partition) and then see if you can grab the files?

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Hmm you could try running diskpart (it'll prompt you to admin) and type 'list volume'. It should display the file system used.

You can also use a utility like EX2Read in Windows 7 which will be able to copy out the data but not write (but will at least verify you can access it):


Maybe then from a LiveCD you could format another drive in that filesystem and copy the files in between.

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I just visited this Forum today and gone through the message above. I cannot see any conclusion or solution of it.

I created account here only to provide solution.



My friend wants to Recover all his recorded data from his LG dvd recorder + hdd Model No. RH388H, HHD 160GB, I open LG device and remove its harddisk and connect with PC using the SATA / IDE Converter as USB. Definitely LG HHD will not appear in your PC, MAC or Linux machine however in the Disk Management you can see the HHD.



  1. Keep this USB (LG HHD) attached to your PC
  2. Install the Software (i use windows 7)
  3. Scan your LG HHD - after scanning, i got 42GB of data - I used as Recovery option to my PC HHD
  4. You may see the files recovery as .SWF extension, Change .SWF into .AVI 
  5. Play this video into Media Player or i use VLC player


View the below attachments.





Have a nice day.











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