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Pinboard, an easy-to-use pinboard application for Windows 8

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Matthew_Thepc    59

Hey! Was looking around this subforum, and saw that some people were posting about Windows 8 apps that they're developing, so I thought I'd hop on. I'm currently working on two apps, Pinboard and Timeless (a time-less way to manage your schedule), but Pinboard is the furthest along so I'll post about it here.

Feedback would be great, I hope to have it submitted to MS for approval before the 26th.


Basically, once you start Pinboard, you're presented with an semantic zoom-enabled overview of your pins:



All pins are synced to Windows Azure, so you can access them from any of your devices.

By clicking or tapping a pin, you're presented with essentially a larger view of that pin:


You can add a new pin either by bringing up the AppBar and pressing "Add Pin," or by sharing to Pinboard from the Share charm.




I still need to implement an edit pin page, pinning images, and sharing pins to Facebook/Twitter/etc.

It's a pretty simple app, but I wanted to start out simple just to get the hang of things. I'm still a little worried about the way I'm handling the "your pins" page, since I don't know if it would work better with the content previews or just tiles.

Again, would love to hear any feedback/criticisms you have about the app, and I'll make a post about Timeless once I get part of it done.

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