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My take on what will happen with "Modern" or "Metro" start screen and start menu

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ffMathy    21

Here's my take on what will happen with Modern or the Metro start menu/screen.


You know how in Windows 8.1 they already added features that change how an application reacts when it is being touched, or being clicked?


If not, here's a recap.


This is when right-clicking:



And this is when holding down with your finger:



You see where I'm going with this?


I just had a thought. What if the new Start menu will only appear when clicking it with your mouse, and the Modern start screen as we know it will pop up if tapping it with your finger, or if swiping in and pressing the "start" charm?


There are other places right now where Windows detects what medium is being used. For instance, when scrolling with your finger, smaller scrollbars appear. When you move your mouse, real scrollbars appear etc. Why would they not do this?


I think it's an obvious solution to the mystery. I don't think that the start screen is going away. I think they will live side by side, which is excellent for me as a Surface Pro 3 user.


I'll sure be going back to this post in a year or two when Windows 9 is out, to see if I'm right. And I hope I'll be able to say "I told you so" :P


What do you guys think?

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+fusi0n    1,569

It should make it more desktop Friend.. Besides all my Windows 8 post.. I bought a HP ElitePad 900 today to mess around with it.. I have to say, it isn't such a little bitch one a tablet.. Actually works quite well.. There are still a lot of things I would change.. Keep out the good work!

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Pam14160    306

I think you're reaching. . . :woot:

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+Anarkii    2,077

What Microsoft is doing now is perfect
Desktop version for desktops, Touch for tablets/laptops and phones. 
I say keep letting them do what they are doing :)

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