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Windows Phone 8. Like it? Buying it?

Windows Phone  

288 members have voted

  1. 1. Like it?

    • 5/5 Love it
    • 4/5 Just a couple of things that are not according to my taste
    • 3/5 There should've been more features
    • 2/5 Still no
    • What Windows Phone?
  2. 2. Buying it?

    • You bet I am. Coming from Android
    • Yup, tired of those icons of iOS (:p), Windows Phone, here I come
    • I'll be upgrading from 7.5
    • Yup, coming from another platform
    • I think I'll just wait here. Happy with my Android
    • Don't wanna give up on Apps. No way I'm leaving iOS
    • Windows Phone, iOS and Android are overrated. My platform FTW
  3. 3. Which device you like the most?

    • Lumia 920
    • Windows Phone 8X
    • Lumia 820/822
    • Windows Phone 8S
    • ATIV S
    • They are all the same

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AlexMagik    20

i'm still waiting to find a 920T (with new GPU), it's a hard to catch handset... there are 4 or 5 each store each week, and stores that have it are like 10 in a city of 22M people...

has been a week i'm looking around, but they come and go too fast for me to get my hands on one...

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MorganX    1,046

I've been living without Bluetooth 4.0 peripheral support in Windows Phone 8. No syncing software (Zune does not support WP8), and now apt-X codec support which allows streaming of CD Quality Audio over Bluetooth.

The SIII and the HTC One Series with Android supports the codec. Currently No Windows Phones do. The list is getting longer. MS used to be cutting edge.

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kenjj    1

Lumia 920 is good but HTC 8x is more beautiful

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runalexis    0

I do like the Windows Phone 8 from HTC (I currently have HTC's Incredible 2), but I also like HTC's DNA and couldn't decide between the two until the Blackberry z10 was unveiled. I switched from Blackberry to Android and since RIM has now come out with a truly competitive phone (shown to be faster than iOS 6 & Windows Phone 8) with an option to add external memory, I'm waiting on Verizon to get it before I upgrade.

I'm anti-cloud, what am I supposed to do with 16GB internal memory? LOL

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