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Weird explorer issue [video]

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Kyle A    5


Lately I've been having some strange issues with my Windows 7 computer. It would be super awesome if someone might have an idea of what's going on.

I attached a video to show what's going on because it can be hard to describe and reproduce.

  • From time to time, the program icons on the taskbar become unresponsive where when I click them (they stay in a "onClick" state and the program does not open or does not maximize/minimize). One way to get them to be responsive is to right click the desktop.
  • When I hover over application icons to get the window preview in Aero, the preview flashes for a split second and disappears.
  • When I try to alt-tab, the alt-tab window flashes for a split second and disappears, making it impossible to switch windows via alt-tab. Windows+tab works, however.
  • When I launch Outlook 2010, the splash screen appears and then disappears ONLY when I click it, otherwise it will stay up with the dialog "Starting...". Normally the main outlook window loads in less than a second.
  • When I went into windows update, I could not check boxes to select updates. I would click the checkbox, it would flash for a split second and remain unchecked.
  • Probably more things I'm not aware of.

Ran malwarebytes, sfc /scannow, checked running processes, all that jazz (I've worked in IT, pretty convinced it's not malware). Can't seem to figure out what's wrong...

Last thing I did was update my AMD drivers to 12.10. The issue with this is that it's hard to reproduce right after a reboot so I'll see if it's a driver issue of some sort.

EDIT: Just want to clarify that these issues go away after restarting. At the time I recorded the video, it was the second time that this started to occur.

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