Hair Becomes all Frizzly and Puffy after Shampoo..

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Sorry about reviving a dead thread.

Is that like a light Gel or Mousse? What exactly is a styling cream? Can these be bought off the shelf? I went out to walmart and couldn't find a light mousse or gel. All of them were "extra hold" , "strong hold" , "mega control" and the like.

Thanks for all the help guys!

Btw, nice hair newie. :)

Thank you :) and a styling cream looks almost like...well, body lotion or something. It's usually creamy and white, and it gives you soft hold that doesn't flake or crunch. :D If you want something expensive, Redken's Lush Whip is good but it's like $22 Canadian, otherwise just get that Salon Selectives one I recommended. Just look for the words "styling cream" or "curl defining cream" on the label. If you really can't find any just get some Frizz Ease serum, the silicone helps.

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