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MIDDLESBORO, KY (WYMT) - Employees at a Middlesboro gas station say a customer put a skunk in the bathroom!

Police arrested the man accused of doing it, 35-year-old Kevin Kibert, and charged him with criminal mischief.

Employees at Lee's Food Mart say earlier this month, a man took a garbage bag into the bathroom and left.

"When he came out of the restroom, he looked at another employee and said, 'I'm sorry man.' My employee went to see what he was sorry about and Kevin had evidently left a baby skunk in the restroom," said store manager Pamela Hobbs.

She says the skunk sprayed the bathroom before a worker caught it in a garbage can and released it outside.

"The next thing was how bad did it spray," said Hobbs.

The manager says the skunk cost them business.

"We had customers who walked up to the store and they smelled it, and they walked away saying there's no way I can come in there," said Hobbs.

They estimate they lost $6,000 in business. She says the smell also made two employees sick.

Police arrested Kevin Kibert last week on the criminal mischief charge. He is in the Bell County Detention Center.

In a jailhouse interview, Kibert denies he did it.

"I turned around and walked back out. I wasn't in there two seconds," Kibert said.

Kibert admits he had an argument with an employee a few days earlier.

"That wasn't how I get even. I'm not gonna grab no skunk, you know what I'm saying. I ain't gonna grab no skunk," Kibert said.

He says that employee was not at the store when he walked in, but he claims another employee asked him to leave and he did.

"I was in a brand new XTerra and there ain't no way my buddy was going to let me ride around with a skunk," Kibert said. "Why didn't it spray me? Even if I did and had to and walked away, it would have got me."

Kibert says he does not know how the skunk got in there.

"This is the craziest thing in the world. It really is," Kibert said.

He had a preliminary hearing on Tuesday. Officials say the case was waived to the grand jury.

Lee's Food Mart employees used bleach and tomato juice to clean the bathroom and get rid of the smell in the store.

source & video


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That's a stinky situation. :P

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He looks innocent to me. :p

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DHS will probably charge him with using a bioweapon ;)

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Y'all do realize that skunk scent is sold as a hunting aid? It's applied to a scent pad on ones boots to cover your human scent. Ditto doe estrus scent, which is used to attract downwind bucks. Several others as well.

He could have done it in a much more stealthy manner :)


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