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    • By Timi Cantisano
      Gallery: Microsoft dresses up E3 booth in black, showcases One S, Sea of Thieves and more
      by Timi Cantisano

      Over the past couple of years, Neowin has provided virtual booth tours by publishing galleries of Microsoft's Xbox booth at E3. This year, the booth offers a more matured look, as the company has strayed from emblazoning the setup in "Xbox Green", and has instead, opted to go with a simple black motif.

      Although some of the first signage you'll see entering the Xbox booth is for Sea of Thieves and Forza Horizon 3, make no mistake, the Xbox One S is the first main attraction booth visitors will be greeted by, and it is fantastic. Although you cannot lay hands on the newly announced console, it's still a sight to behold and looks mesmerizing from every angle.

      Pushing deeper into the booth, kiosks to play the aforementioned Sea of Thieves and Forza Horizon 3 become available, along with other titles announced at the Xbox E3 Briefing. Ghost Recon Wildlands, Cuphead, The Turing Test are just some of the titles available to play when roaming around the show floor.

      Perhaps one of the more interesting parts of the Xbox experience at E3 is the Xbox Design Lab nook that allowed attendees to get their hands on sample customized controllers, and even take time to create their own custom controller on the Design Lab website.

      Although Xbox owners have a lot to look forward to in 2016, many will already be thinking much further down the road at 2017, when Microsoft's next console, Project Scorpio will be released. But until then, enjoy our booth gallery.

    • By Yuliya
      Is any JSON gurus around? I use JSON library for my website gallery pages and everything up to thumbnails #9 works great. The problem starts when I click on thumbnail #10 (4-th row the first image from the left). When I click on it, it supposed to open the block with bigger image and additional text but it does not show anything, same for the thumbnail #20. If user clicks on thumbnail #11, it will show big image and text that correspond to thumbnails #1. My guess is  - JavaScript doesn't read 2 digits and reads only the one from right only: "10 "reads like  "0"; "11", "21" reads like "1".
      Anyone can point me how to fix it in my code? I would appreciate any advice or help.
      For each page I have group of files  - php (, which works as an html and 2 files with javaScript coding ( )
      Thank you.
    • By Vlad Dudau
      Even more images of Nokia's 'Moonraker' smartwatch show up
      by Vlad Dudau

      The competition in the smartwatch market may just be heating up, but one device that will never get to compete is Nokia’s canceled “Moonraker” watch.

      We first heard of the device last summer, when some leaked render shots showed what could have been if Microsoft had ever let this device come to market. But since then, images of the prototype smartwatch have continued to show up, including an entire gallery which we published a couple of days ago.

      But if that didn’t satisfy your needs, we’ve got even more images of the “Moonraker” watch today, seemingly following on from the previous showcase. As you can see in the images, which come from China, the device is shown in full detail, including some of its internals.

      There’s even a side by side comparison of the watch’s power port next to a power port of a supposed Lumia tablet. The device in question does seem to follow the Nokia/Lumia design aesthetic we’re used to, but whether this is the old 8-inch mini tablet from back in 2013 or the newer Mercury tablet from last year is hard to say.

      In either case, that’s pretty much a moot point at this time as Microsoft is focusing all of its wearable efforts on the Band 2, while today’s Nokia seems to have very little interest in consumer devices.

      Source: Nokiabar (Baidu) via: WMPU

    • By Chasethebase
      Welcome to the Neowin photo gallery! Here you can post your pictures and discuss your photography techniques.

      Please be mindful of our members on dial-up and try to keep the dimensions of the pics and the size of the files to a respectable size for 1024 x 768 viewers. Please refrain from quoting images in your replies.

      I will also ask that you link to images on your own space, as much as possible.

      Try to put more details from your camera settings (EXIF) and also talk about what you have done with Photoshop (or similar).
      There are a lot of photographers here that like your editing skills and would like to learn more.

      The previous thread can be found here.

      Posting your photos is made easier thanks to a member contribution! Argote created a Flickr to IPB webapp, thanks! [direct link to app] 
      You can find the Neowin Flickr group here.
    • By +warwagon
      The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin (2014)
        A computer programmer becomes fascinated with the digital currency Bitcoin, and through his involvement in the Bitcoin community, we learn about the impending global impact of this amazing new technology.
      If you want to see if and if you have Amazon Prime. Its free to watch It's a REALLY fascinating documentary about bitcoin.