DTS Surround vs. 5.1 audio (Which is better?)

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New question!  The internets have not been forthcoming with a clear answer.


I have a Denon AVR 789 receiver and a 5.1 speaker setup.


I'm not a big fan of things like Pro Logic II, which my receiver supports (though this may be due to a lack of understanding).  IMO, I'd like the best direct audio I can get without too many bells and whistles.


My Xbox One can output audio in Stereo, 5.1, 7.1 and DTS Surround (all of which the receiver supports).  


Because I have a 5.1 speaker setup, I figure that the choices for me are 5.1 or DTS.


But which is better?  I play games (I noticed Forza 5 sounded a lot better when I turned on DTS), movies via Netflix and Blu Ray and TV.  Because of the Xbox One, everything feeds through there.


Thanks for your input!

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I'm assuming you are asking for the difference between Dolby Digital and DTS, which both can output at 5.1.   From what I understand, and am no expert, DTS has less compression than Dolby Digital so in theory it should sound "better". DTS tracks are usually larger files and have a higher bit rate as well.  I think it also has a lot to do with how the audio was recorded since not all recordings support DTS.  If the option was there to choose either, I would listen to both and select the one that sounds best to you. 

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They are both lossy formats and the difference should be fairly minimal. You won't start to notice much until you start comparing to the lossless formats, DD-TrueHD and DTS-HD MA, which are found on most Blu-Ray movies. Unfortunately, I don't think the Xbox One is capable passing through this audio to your receiver.

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+Eternal Tempest

Only evidence I can share is the following. 


I own Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Limited Edition Series.


They offered both DTS 5.1 and Dolby 5.1


Dolby base was too loud and seems to over power the rest of the speakers.

DTS sounded much better, It didn't over power / distract from the other channels yet you could still hear base from the subwolfer.


Also agree about, listen to booth and choose what sounds better to you.

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No question, go for DTS.

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Actually, you should select 5.1 uncompressed. This will give you the most natural sound, then you can adjust your settings within your reciever.

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anyone ever figure out how to keep DTS on mp4?

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I like DTS HD MA.


I feel it has more dynamic range.

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