'PC games have surpassed console games globally'


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PC gamers get "nervous" about numbers because they fear that games will move away from their beloved PCs altogether...and we some evidence of that already with some big titles never making it to PC.  My last console was a PS3, which is now hacked and getting some use finally, I found everything about it inferior but my GF loves the damned thing and doesn't notice the graphics difference between that and my GTX 780 SLI rig...I know crazy right? 


Developers, especially early on, know they won't have worry about piracy or even cheating nearly as much with consoles and would probably be just fine with only developing for them but the nice thing now is that with the new architecture, we'll see even more for PC than last gen...I for one am looking forward to that.


If that happened I would probably quit gaming. For me it's not about what I think is better than _____ or because I use it its better than____. I have been gaming on a PC since the middle 1990's and it's what I like, it works well for me. I have tried consoles and I just don't like it. I prefer the keyboard/mouse to a controller. That is what matters to me. Who sells more or who thinks this or that is better, means ###### to me. I will use what makes (for me) a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

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I know, I just don't think people understand what is being discussed here.


Consoles were traditionally the bigger earners for the industry, now, ironically, free-to-play games are bringing in massive revenue and have allowed the PC to overtake consoles.


I don't know why people are saying "omg, this is obvious". How was it obvious? How did people know that the roles for raising revenue had reversed? Guessed? Gut feeling? We know it now because someone actually done a study.


It's obvious through sheer numbers. Really doubt free to play is outselling traditional gaming, one or even a few studies are not enough. Wasn't there another study a few weeks back that said just 2% of free to players actually buy anything?


Said it's obvious because there are billions of PCs literally on the planet, as opposed to a couple hundred million active consoles - even 400 million if you count Wii's. With 10:1 PCs will always sell more overall. The impression that consoles were the preferred destination is something that emerged in the last 10 years, and it was limited to our kind of gaming: the so-called AAA or hardcore variety. This impression was also cemented by just a few key franchises, it was not proven by others even within hardcore gaming: just look at Dark Souls, they went with PC to really grow the franchise, and that's as traditional as gaming can get. I reiterate my point that consoles have taken on this powerful sales engine charisma due to attach rate: console gamers are more likely to simply spend more per person. But there are far less of them than PC users.


So not a gut feeling, just logic and i guess being a gamer for 35 years now.

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