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Deleted Folder in 'Trash Can': 'backup_snapshot_for_v18_upgrade' -- ?

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TinaMarie    0

Hello.  I've had this folder (backup_snapshot_for_v18_upgrade) sitting in my 'Trash Can' since (6/19/14 - 7:40pm).  It just appeared there.  I've been wondering what it was, & how it got there ... So, I was also weary about deleting it completely.  Haven't had the time until now to look into it (or kept forgetting).  So when I googled it, I came across this site / forum.  

I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen, & what they ended up finding out / doing, & how that worked out for them?  Did they figure out exactly what it was?  Did they delete it, or restore it?  Have any negative effects been noticed since?

I'm wondering since I've seen posts about a couple of other people besides myself  (& I'm sure many others that we just don't know about) had the same thing happen at about the same time, is it maybe related to an 'automatic update'?

ANY advice from ANYONE would be greatly appreciated ... TYVM!    :)

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roger platt    0

Hello, i'm having the same problem as TinaMarie (backup_snaps_for_v18_upgrade) sine (Aug23'15). any answer in what to do?

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