Microsoft rolling out Preview build 14176 update for Windows Phone 8.1.1

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George P

It is 1 PM Eastern Time, which means it is time for Microsoft to begin pushing out an OS update. Indeed, for those enrolled in the Preview for Developers program and who want an early look at the latest version of Windows Phone, a new update is now live. Version 14176 of Windows Phone 8.1.1 is the new update.


HTC owners are finally part of the mix, my HTC 8X is downloading an update as we speak.   Have other people been getting the update yet?

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Meko Mimi

Can you give us an update or your user reaction of your Windows 8.1.1 v14176 update? What are the changes and/or does it have some bugs?

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Can you give us an update or your user reaction of your Windows 8.1.1 v14176 update? What are the changes and/or does it have some bugs?

So far in my Lumia 1520, have not found any bug yet... It feels stable enough to consider this a full regular release. Can't wait to see what the next firmware "denim" will bring to WP.
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George P

My HTC 8X is working the same as always, no bugs here.  I did run into an odd issue with my SMS messages not going through and me not getting any or a notification that I did.  But after a restart it fixed that issue and it's working perfect again.

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Meko Mimi

I had a problem before updating Windows 8 GDR3, the HTC logo was removed and I think 15 reboots before it updated. Well, thanks btw!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Woa, got 4 updates for the 920. Finally, Cyan!

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Is this just a stability/bug fix release or are there any new features?

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George P

Is this just a stability/bug fix release or are there any new features?


No new features just fixes, this build allows Lumia owners to finally get Cyan without having to leave the developer preview and roll back to 8.0 and then start the preview over.  It also finally allowed HTC owners like myself to get 8.1.1 on my 8X etc.    Don't expect any new features till 8.1.2 which is rumored to come soon as well, maybe November from what I remember.    That would should bring some nice little additions to the OS that people have been asking for.


I can't remember for sure if there was talk of a update 3 to, but if we look at the rumored timeframe for Windows 10 and how people expect a consumer preview in January-February, then knowing that OS will also be the one that will run on the Phone going forward, I don't expect a 3rd update to 8.1 but rather a jump right to a Windows 10 preview for the phone at that point.

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