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Hey Larry, just to note


480p is 4:3

Current hi-def formats are 16:9 (which is 1.77:1 and close to the golden ratio which is around 1.6:1)

The Order is 2.4:1

Hey Soniq, Just to note.


I was not sharing what I shared because of The Order itself. I understand how it could seem that way since it is a The Order thread, however I was sharing it because of this exact comment...


I don't dislike widescreen but I don't think it makes sense to consider it inherently more artistic a format.


Indeed you are correct. The Order is actually wider ("ultra widescreen" as described by someone else) than the typical widescreen ratio thanks to the black bars. As such it is not as close to the Golden Ratio as the average widescreen that most games are.


The Order was not my point for sharing the whole argument of the Golden Ratio. That was specifically to back up the opinion for traditional widescreen itself. As I do believe just typical widescreen itself is probably "inherently a more artistic format."


With all that said, I actually do feel The Order is actually even a more artistic approach due to the extra width. But that again is just my opinion, and has nothing to do with the Golden Ratio. Just the fact I think the extra width allows for even more interesting choices compositionally.

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Is it really extra width if it is no wider than typical games?

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Is it really extra width if it is no wider than typical games?

it is extra width and you are getting more in the frame if you are shooting with film. Applying the same logic to a digital frame is just plain dumb.

Why not get "extra height" as well?

It all boils down to a sorry excuse of a PR for not being able to do a full 1080p frame with target IQ.

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It all boils down to a sorry excuse of a PR for not being able to do a full 1080p frame with target IQ.

Yes, this artistic stuff is just an excuse. You know what makes your game more artistic? More graphics, not less.

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I wonder what cinematographers in the film industry think of all this talk about cinematics in video games?

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My "Way Too Late Review"

Look, I’m hard-pressed to go full out “buy this game” because of a lack of replayability and no DLC that would extend the story; but I can’t really say “rent” because it’s an incredible technical marvel and the developers at Ready At Dawn deserve to be rewarded with sales.  Because the price has dropped I would still advise to buy it, even look for a sale price if you need to.  But pick this game up, it is totally worth playing, even if you can nab the platinum in a weekend.  The easiest way to describe it is thus:The Last of Us and Heavy Rain made a baby and let it watch Underworld too many times.

For the record, I picked this up from Target, regular price $39.99 on sale for $19.99, with another 10% off via the Cartwheel app. 

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