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Neowin Think Tank: Mars Colony One (and Two ... and Three ... and ... )

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The Evil Overlord    18,442



The mothership is going to need an upgrade in the future...gravity ring...asap, for crew well being during long stays.

It'll also need some sort of centralised, Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer, we could call it HAL, for short :p


Now that the obligatory joke is posted, I would voice a concern about a permanent mother ship would be the need to have some form of vapourising shielding (like on the NCC1701) as space debris and other matter unknown to us at this time could puncture the outer hull of such a craft (lets face it, it'll most likely be made from aluminium or roll pressed steel, as Titanium or other exotic material in that quantity would render the cost of the ship astronomical (pun intended, Hey, it's me, what were you expecting :p )


Still catching up on the thread so if this has been answered, I'm sorr, ah who am I kidding :p

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