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Hello All,


We all know that, in market plenty of mobile phones are there. But among those which is the best?. I know all of you using different brands. Let me know which is best. Comment your answers fast.

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Smells like a spam message to me, why bold mobile phone and which is best? Just in case it is a legit question, there is no 'best' phone what I call 'best' you might say sucks. But Nokia is releasing a smartphone and they have a very good reputation!

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There really is no best of the best. Depends on a lot of things


The carrier you are on

The price you want to spend

If you want android updates.


Personally, the phone I got for my GF when she went to the $45 Verizon prepay was the Android LG G3  (Myself, my mom and my dad have one too).. found one on eBay that looked like it was brand new for $118 Free shipping.


It's got  


5.5-inch screen

3GB of ram

Beautiful screen

Great Camera

Removal Battery

Micro SD card slot supporting 128GB Micro SD cards

Android 6.0 with October 2016 patch cycle (more security updates might come)

Won't get any new versions of Android 



and can be bought off eBay for $80-$118 (As opposed to $700 for a flagship)


So ya, the above is probably not what you had in mind but I would say it is the Budget BEST! ... you need to give us more info


How much you have to spend

carrier you are on

Is a removable battery and Micro SD card slots important to you?



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