E3 2017 Microsoft Press Conference Discussion

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George P

Can never have enough consoles. :p

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George P

Some more MS E3 news, this one about Game Pass.


In an Xbox Daily livestream, Xbox Game Pass senior product manager Dennis Ceccarelli said:


“So on the first of every month, you’re going to see at least 5 new games enter the Xbox Game Pass catalogue—every single month, Again, we’re really trying to give a great mix of games across different ratings, different experiences, different genres, so no matter who you are, if you’re an Xbox Game Pass member, every single month there’s something new for you to play…While there’s not one set amount of time that a game will be in the catalogue, and some titles will leave the catalogue eventually, I want to put some fears at rest because our first games won’t be leaving the catalogue until late November.”


That should grow the library quick and keep adding value to the service.

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