Samsung Galaxy S8 screen mirroring/smart view not full screen on TV

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Steven P.

So I bought the silver S8 and received it yesterday, but one major difference is that with smart view (screen mirror > Samsung 4K TV) doesn't show apps like Plex (720p or 1080p) in fullscreen, there's a border around the top and sides on the TV. Didn't have this with the S6edge+ 1080p does look better, but again, isn't full screen like with the S6edge+


I looked around online and haven't found anyone complaining about that, but forcing an app full screen didn't help either. Anyone have a trick to force a full picture on the TV? 

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Steven P.

Well I figured it out yesterday while streaming iFollow to my Samsung TV, the smart view has a new setting to force 16:9 streaming which properly fills the TV screen, for anyone that ends up here looking for the fix.

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