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Windows 10, File Sharing and OpenVPN

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Alan James    0

I am trying to use Windows 10 with OpenVPN. I have the server running perfectly on a Linux machine at home, on Raspberry Pi. It all works fantastically with Android and iOS OpenVPN clients, but Windows 10 is sub-optimal. My requirement is:


  • Secure tunnelling into my home network and out onto the Internet. This is to provide privacy and security whilst using unsecured network access (wi-fi hotspots, etc.)
  • Secure tunnelling into my home network to contact local web page GUIs and shared folders. All of these resources are on 'always on' (server) machines


I use a Windows 10 laptop whilst working remotely, with the OpenVPN client. I can successfully reach my home network and break out onto the Internet. I can also reach the web page GUIs. Windows File and Printer Sharing is switched off ('Public') whilst on the unsecured access network. I cannot reach the shared folders. This is  logical when sharing is disallowed


If I turn Windows File and Printer Sharing on ('Private) I can reach the Internet, the web page GUIs and the shared folders. Again, this is logical as sharing is allowed. However this also opens up my laptop to other users on the unsecured access network, which is not acceptable.


Surely I'm not the first to uncover this. There must be other road warriors out there who have found a fix. Does anyone else have any ideas? Remember, all is well with Android and iOS, I'm suspecting the fix may be a Windows thing.


Thanks in advance.

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