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As I was replying to the FB downvote article, I noticed it posted with a quote despite me not using that button, future replies did the same so I went to other articles and every single one that has replies to the root comments is showing quotes.


While I've brought up quoting, is there any plans on reworking the front page quoting?   it quite quickly becomes a mess of cascading scroll bars and it seems quite pointless for threaded view.

Perhaps switching it to a simple "In reply to UserName(#anchorTagForComment)" it replaces many screens worth of scrollbars with one line. :) 

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it's currently by design. timan disabled the nested replies as they were overly buggy while a new approach is worked on.


the change was actually made a couple months ago lol i just happen to remember reading about it in the mod section :)


edit: speaking of, hey @Timan any plans for the front page you care to share? always nice to hear about future ideas :)

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2 minutes ago, Louisifer said:

Really? I could have sworn I saw replies without quote boxes recently :iiam:

you can backspace them when replying, most users just dont

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