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Surge in knife crime pushes London's murder rate beyond New York's

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FloatingFatMan    19,196
10 hours ago, techbeck said:

I would give up my life for someone else but sorry, to say that a life of a loved one is more important than someone persons life....just cannot agree and have a different thought on that.  And if the person is random, wife/husband is saved and what happens if one of your kids are the random person who dies?  Or another family member is chosen?


If it is your time to go, it is your time to go.  Cannot change that and is something everyone has to accept and come to terms with.  If I was the one who was suffering and found out that someone sacrificed a random life to save mine, I wouldnt be to happy about it.  It also technically makes the person a murderer/accomplice as well.


Not trying to be insensitive towards people but this is just life.   I have had to deal with people I know, family/friends, dying and even watched one waste away in the hospital then hospice for a few months.   Worst thing even I had to deal with and still gets me from time to time. 

Intellectually I agree with you completely. Emotionally, right now I'm just not in that place.

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