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I know it doesn't look the best, but I literally just got this system up and going like 25 minutes ago and haven't gotten into the whole customizing thing yet.

By the way, it's Redhat 9 running Ximian Desktop 2. Wallpaper is Jimmac Waves. Quality is crappy, but unless you want a 750k png file, this will have to do :)


And here's the laptop:


And while I am posting, here's my same good ol windows PC shot again:


Enjoy the massive heap of images :D

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a few pages back

there are people who use "seasons" wallpaper

Quite a few variations, some with grey bg and some with blue bg...

I wonder where can i find these wallpapers?

They are custom made from an image titled "Changing Seasons" on Deviatnart.

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