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That's actually a port of a port. :laugh:

Edit: Oops, what was I thinking. I should've just edited my first post. Silly me. :blush:

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Agreed. I feel the urge to accelerate that process though :devil:

didn't people already try to shoot him? and he's still around... so you're gonna hafta nuke him :ninja:

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What VS? :)

You're kidding right?

You even quoted it...

------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>VS: Sentinel X <<<<<<<<<------------------------------------------------

Icons: iCandy Junior

Wallpaper: Iridian by terra-visions

the quality of the screenshot isn't too good though I optimized it

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Sweet stuff People... I might as well post another.. :)

I thought I would give Bose's OpusOSX a shot.. ...

VS - OpusOSX by Bose...

Icons - Umicons Shell.... By ' Mattahan ' :) The best!!!!

Wall - OpsuOSX-Moya, Modded by me...

Apps - Winamp501 - iCandy, Samurize - OpusOSX background and Weather.png's by me , Rainlander - OpusOSX background.png by me, LaunchTab - OpusOSX skin by me, Mozilla FireFox - Neptune theme by Aaron spular....

Th-th-th-thats all folks!!! :D


^ Click Image To Make it Grow ^

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Back to classix for me. :D

Vs - C10K 2.0 By gigatexel

Wal - Anna by lazer (cutup and recolored by me)

Dock - Stetz by brewman (recolored by me)

Icons - G.A.N.T. and G.A.N.T.2


Click pic for big one. :)

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First time posting my desktop, go easy on me :)

Edit: Ooops forgot to resize, hope this is ok now

https://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?show...c=137030&st=795 made by broo about half way down

I was just wondering about a few things on this dtop. I have a very basic setup and would like to custimize it some. How did you get the weather on there and what is the link to the program that you use to show the clock. TIA.

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still in progress


vs : guipod

wall : got it together with NEOS vs

icon : excellence collections for the folder with a little bit mod

app : yzapp, itunes, firefox with pinstripe theme

have fun :happy:

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wallpaper: custom wall with an eclipse, brittany skye, and olive boardering

VS: Olive Verde

Icons: me, go to WWW

anything else, pm me

Nice wallpaper. :yes: (Y)

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