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18917 Torture: Firefox on Windows, Nightly on Windows, Firefox on Ubuntu - at the same time?

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PGHammer    1,731

It's doable - and without much effort; I'm actually posting this from my WSL 2 Ubuntu VM (via Xming for Windows - a Windows-based X server).  Because Xming is installed, I can install darn near any application that can run in XWindows.  And I didn't *have* to choose Ubuntu - the only reason I did is because being able to update it in WSL2 is more fleshed out than either SuSE or Debian (I have SUSE installed, but I need to configure the update servers so I can keep it updated).  The rather cute part is that Xming is a Windows (not Linux) application - so keeping it updated is easier - not harder - than keeping Ubuntu updated - which is itself pretty darn easy,  Also, because Ubuntu now runs as a VM, it's isolated (by default) more than it was with the original WSL (great for the security-conscious).

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