Early last year I started a bridalwear photo project with a view to grow it, it's been a rolling success!

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I thought it be good to share this little project here as can see a lot of posts about ideas  and things. Last year I decded to kick start a new project. I shoot weddings (among many other things) and as it's hard to trying new ideas and techniques on an actual wedding, I wanted to do this in free time and bring onboard other professionals like hair/makeup, dress suppliers and most importantly, a model!


Regarding the latter, I tried various time for print modelling sites in the past and most of them seem to be quite wooden and the portraits just didn't have a sense of connection between subject, camera and myself. I like my portraits to feel natural, even if posed. I had a few friends who I thought might be great in front og the camera and asked them if they wanted to join in the project, they were excited, and so we began.


To date, I've done around 6 or 7 shoots now spanning around Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. A great learning experience too trying out new styles, locations and things. I've got a really good makeup artist who does hair and makeup, along with a couple of dress suppliers who provide wedding dresses. Essentially we have ended up helping each other out for the greater good, and getting some nice images for social media and promotions out of it.

Most recently I took a friend over to the Isle of Wight this weekend and we spent a day shooting at Osborne House in continuation of my bridal dress shoot project that started early last year. What an amazing place, being in the very room Queen Victoria used as he living room sipping tea and even her bedroom currently off limits to public!


Anyway, pics, Mandy has never done anything like this before, but was really fun!


Hair & Make-up done by the amazing ladies at Georgina Chambers MUA:


The events management helped out throughout the day, they were supremely awesome:


One of the alcove bits below the house:


Closer with the 85mm 1.4:


The flower garden in front is quite vast and impressive:


Back in with the 85mm:


Dress change for some ideas on the private beach:


Veil in the wind on the beach!


Said beach (phone pic):


The double sided staircase on the side of the garden is really nice, reminds me of somewhere in Greece/Italy (phone pic):


DSLR version:


Weird faces selfie :p


As for previous shoots, here's a selection of my fav ones:

The Needles, IoW:


The viewpoint from the above location:




On top of Blackgang Chine:


Headon Warren (The Needles opposite side):







The ladies at Georgina Chambers MUA are fantastic! Always look forward to visiting them.




More to come I guess as new shoots progress!

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23 minutes ago, Human.Online said:

Great work and it's awesome you managed to turn a passion into a career!

Thank you! It's actually my second job as I tend to do weddings every so often. I think this is what keeps it a passion for me, means I can focus on the shoots I do without having to worry about not shooting a wedding every week to pay bills etc!


It's very hard these days to be a full time photographer as everyone seems to be doing it and charging far less!

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