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What to know if applying a Netflix gift card to your account

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JayZJay    63

This applies to U.S. Netflix accounts, possibly all Netflix accounts worldwide.  This is what I told Netflix (feedback) after a discussion with a rep earlier today:

I found out today that once you apply a Netflix gift card to your account, you are locked into the service until the gift card runs out.  A customer should not be forced to use keep the membership active until all of the gift card is used up.  This is completely unacceptable and is a form of lock-in and robbery.  I buy my Netflix gift cards.  Why should I be forced to use them on months of service that I don't want?  You should be able to pause/cancel the service for a month or two just like you can with a credit/debit card and then when you turn the service back on, the gift card remaining balance would be still there to be used until it was gone.



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