What to know if applying a Netflix gift card to your account

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This applies to U.S. Netflix accounts, possibly all Netflix accounts worldwide.  This is what I told Netflix (feedback) after a discussion with a rep earlier today:

I found out today that once you apply a Netflix gift card to your account, you are locked into the service until the gift card runs out.  A customer should not be forced to use keep the membership active until all of the gift card is used up.  This is completely unacceptable and is a form of lock-in and robbery.  I buy my Netflix gift cards.  Why should I be forced to use them on months of service that I don't want?  You should be able to pause/cancel the service for a month or two just like you can with a credit/debit card and then when you turn the service back on, the gift card remaining balance would be still there to be used until it was gone.



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      Netflix stopped offering free trials for new subscribers in the United States earlier this month. In a bid to get new users on board, the company is now planning to hold a 48-hour free streaming event. It first plans to test this free streaming option in India before deciding if it will bring it to other countries or not.

      Mishaal Rahman first found references for a promotional event called StreamFest in the Netflix Android app that's scheduled for December 4. The event was then also confirmed by Netflix COO Greg Peters at the company's Q3 2020 earnings call. Peters said:

      The text string related to the event points to Netflix allowing new users to stream content for free from any platform for 48 hours starting December 4 without having to enter their card details. After that time is up though, users will have to pay for a Netflix subscription to continue further.

      The code string does point to Netflix restricting access to StreamFest to a limited audience as there are snippets saying "Netflix StreamFest is at capacity." The company, later on, confirmed the event to Protocol as well and said "We're always looking at different marketing promotions to attract new members and give them a great Netflix experience."

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