Lady gives birth to...

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What a ****in crack head...

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Oooookay... drugs are bad *nods*.

I'd have to see a picture of this Frog Kid before I believe any of it..

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i once read a story of a women who gave birth the lobsters!!!

the following things happened:

she used a LIVING!! lobster for masturbating, but the lobster putted her eggs in you-know-what

the eggs survived, and a few weeks later the women went to the toilet en they came out.

The women was in shock, slipped and fell with her head on the toilet and died :p

i read that too... it was on one of those "true or not stories" where it had a bunch of crazy ass stories and then it told if the story was true or nto.... and that story was true....

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That's to a porn site with boobies bouncing all around. That'll get you banned...

"Are you feeling lonely?" Gimme a break...

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